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Sec. 42-45. Burning or burying.permanent link to this piece of content


Garbage, rubbish, hydrocarbons and other restrictions. The burning of garbage, rubbish, automotive tires and tubes, asphalt shingles, PVC pipe, insulation, treated lumber, adhesives, shale oil, nitro-cellulose, combustible liquids and other products manufactured from derivatives of petroleum is prohibited. The use of hydrocarbons to start or fuel a fire is prohibited. Only one active burn site is permitted on any lot one acre or less in size. The burying of garbage or rubbish is prohibited except for burying in an designated landfill as approved by the authority having jurisdiction. Controlled outdoor burning will not be permitted to continue if it becomes a public nuisance or a health hazard.


Garden trash, yard debris or brush in small amounts. The burning of garden trash, yard debris and brush is permitted in small amounts not exceeding 75 cubic feet provided that there is compliance with O.C.G.A. § 12-9-1 et seq., that authorization has been granted by the fire chief or his designated representative, that proper safeguards have been taken to prevent spread of the fire, and that the fire is attended at all times until it is fully extinguished. Fires must be fully extinguished by nightfall.


Brush in large quantities. The burning of brush in large quantities, (greater than 75 cubic feet), is not permitted, except for those special circumstances or occasions as noted in subsection (d).


Special events. For special occasions where outdoor cooking takes place in a manner other than the utilization of an approved grill such as social functions which include campfires for cooking, luau, or any other similar type of cooking activity, and for bonfires, campfires and similar activities, the person in charge of the activity must obtain authorization through the office of the fire marshal.


Authorization for burning required. Authorization to perform outdoor burning is required for all outdoor burning except for outdoor cooking on approved charcoal or gas grills. Each request to conduct outdoor burning shall be made to the fire department in person or via communication acceptable to the department. The fire chief and the fire marshal shall have reasonable discretion as to when outdoor burning is allowed based on existing or forecasted weather conditions.


Monitoring and enforcement. The fire department will periodically monitor authorized burning to assess compliance with safety and environmental requirements and will investigate complaints and reports of violations. For any fires found not in compliance, fire department personnel may require the correction of the deficiency(ies) or direct extinguishment of the fire, as they judge appropriate. In no case should burning be allowed to continue if in the fire officer's judgment smoke or other particles of combustion have or are likely to enter openings in someone's home, or become a hazard to someone's property, or if the fire is causing other discernible adverse affects. Failure to be in compliance with any of the rules and regulations noted above may result in revocation of any authorization to burn that has been issued, and a verbal warning, written warning, or citation as appropriate. Citations may be issued by the fire chief, fire marshal, fire department operations officer, code enforcement officers, and police officers.


Implementation. The fire chief is authorized to publish rules, regulations and procedures to implement the above requirements for controlled burning.

(Code 1980, § 11-28; Ord. No. 741, 10-5-00; Ord. No. 853, § 2, 8-18-05)

State law reference— Air quality control, O.C.G.A. § 12-9-1 et seq.; illegal burning activities, O.C.G.A. § 16-7-28.

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