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Aberdeen Village
Glenloch Village
Braelinn Village
Kedron Village
Wilksmoor Village
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Map of General Village Boundaries of Peachtree City

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AddressSubdivisionStart DateEnd Date
202 BANKS RUNPiney Knoll09/03/201509/05/2015
204 BANKS RUNPiney Knoll09/03/201509/05/2015
404 RAINTREE BENDRaintree East09/05/201509/06/2015
103 CHERRY HOLLOWRockspray09/05/201509/06/2015
812 BEDFORD PARKBedford Park09/11/201509/12/2015
404 RAINTREE BENDRaintree East09/11/201509/13/2015
RIDGELAKE DRRidgelake09/11/201509/12/2015
100 SMOKE RISE TRACESmokerise Plantation09/11/201509/12/2015
103 WENSLEY CORNERHamptons Corner09/12/201509/13/2015
602 NORTH FAIRFIELD DRFAIRFIELD09/12/201509/12/2015
200 TURNBRIDGE CIRCLECedarcroft09/12/201509/12/2015
113 SAGAMORE LNSagamore09/12/201509/12/2015
112 SOUTH FAIRFIELD DRFairfield09/12/201509/14/2015
70 SMOKE RISE POINTSmokerise Estates09/18/201509/19/2015
632 WEST MANORFAIRFIELD09/18/201509/19/2015

Please note that this schedule is tenative and may be influenced by weather or other conditions. As delays are known, this site will be updated.
StreetType of WorkStart DateEnd Date

Home Owner/Buyer Responsibilities: The information contained on this site is meant to provide general information about neighborhoods in Peachtree City, but in no way obviates property owners or prospective purchasers or their representatives from conducting a full research of all applicable ordinances, building setbacks, buffers, easements or restrictive covenants pertaining to individual pieces of property. It is the responsibility of the purchaser of real estate to become familiar with these documents prior to entering into any contract. It must also be understood that certain types of renovations and/or additions to existing structures may require a variance from existing ordinances. The City highly recommends that a survey of the property be obtained prior to planning any renovations and/or additions to existing structures. There are no guarantees that a variance will be granted if requested. Additionally, it is imperative that all necessary permits be obtained from the Building Department prior to initiating any construction activities within the City.